Freestyle Workout

Freestyle Workout

45 Minutes

The Freestyle Workout is a functional training with focus on different muscle groups and complex motion sequences. In addition to the body-weight exercises weights can be used. Suitable for all levels.

About your coach


Step out of your comfort zone and break routines. Physical fitness is the base for your capability in all aspects of life. Because of my history of modern pentathlon I know not only endurance, speed and flexibilty but especially the spirit and testing my own limits are important factors. Not only as an athlete but also in daily life. To keep up the motivation to break your limits and routines - you will never miss fun during my trainings. My workouts are versatile, challenging and appropriate for all levels. Sport doesn’t only mean to reach your goals but rather to have a good time and discover yourself through growing and trying new things every day. It’s not only muscles - the right mindset makes you strong!


Unfortunately for this workout no reservation is possible.

We also offer permanent tracks for you to be completed by yourself, there’s no booking required for all running tracks
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