Runbase Berlin goes adidas Playground

Runbase Berlin goes adidas Playground

60 Minutes

Coach Jeans takes you a long the nice Riverside straight to the adidas Playground at Insel der Jugend. Train&Run at it´s best, intensive Workout and Entertainment are guaranteed.

About your coach


I train for life. I love training as well as teaching others and I feel off their energy. My personal opinion is that you work(out) for yourself and not for others. An active and healthy lifestyle is very important. That is the reason why I’m interested in how you feel during my workouts. Daily exercise is necessary for a good work-life-balance. Runs and workouts help you to relax and calm down after a long day. Exercises are important for stress relief and it can help your state at work.


There’s no need to reserve a spot for this run. Just get ready and join in.

We also offer permanent tracks for you to be completed by yourself, there’s no booking required for all running tracks
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