Stretch & Mobility

Stretch & Mobility

45 Minutes

Stretch & Mobility is a myofasciae workout which increases mobility and well-being. The trigger point technique helps to relax and supple overburdened connective tissue so that joints can work at their full range of motion again. Promotes regeneration! Suitiable for all levels.

About your coach


Build up a strong base and strive to reach higher goals! Exercising is my passion and running is an essential part of it. Field hockey and combat sport training taught me the importance of athletic training. Besides speed, strength and edurance you also need agility and mobility. I’m a convinced allrounder and always looking for evolution in the range of motion. In all of my Freestyle and Mobility Workouts you will reach more stability, flexibility, an increase of power and an improvement of your start. My motto: train versatile and take the whole benefit for your running, your skill set - for you personally.


Unfortunately for this workout no reservation is possible.

We also offer permanent tracks for you to be completed by yourself, there’s no booking required for all running tracks
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