Runners Strength & Technique

Runners Strength & Technique

60 Minutes

This is a targeted total body workout with focus on running economy and injury prevention. Core, buttock muscles and leg axes have a primary importance. Especially suitable for beginners.

About your coach


My passion: make people move. For real! A wrong performed workout isn’t better than no workout at all. As a medically approved personal trainer it is of great importance to me to train you from the inside to the outside and to find movement patterns which suit your specific body. My workouts connect different elements from physiotherapy, yoga and athletic training. My speciality: running. I focus on the correct posture, building of your musculature as a whole and your mobility. With my techniques you learn to use your energy efficiently throughout the run. That leads to an improvement of you capabilities and a decrease of the risk to injure yourself. Come and try it out! I am looking forward to meet you.


Unfortunately for this workout no reservation is possible.

We also offer permanent tracks for you to be completed by yourself, there’s no booking required for all running tracks
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