60 Minutes

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ALL LEVELS - Expect an intense yet balanced class, that will leave you sweaty and happy! Suited for the exceptional fitness needs of runners but useful and enriching for anyone who wants to train their physical fitness and flexibility along with improving focus, concentration, coordination and mental resilience. ALL LEVELS means, I will be mediating the basics of Yoga in every class but also proceed to advanced poses like arm balances, for example - for one thing we will work towards these poses step by step, for another thing we will find variations that are easy to approach - so it is up to you, to decide how far you would like to go at every training. Each class is topped off with strength exercises, breathing awareness and short meditation units. By the way: with me you won´t need any props such as blocks or straps. It is my goal to help everyone in discovering their own personal Yoga - also meaning: practicing in the awarness that Yoga is for everybody (literally: every body). Activating your intuition and therefore healthy body awareness. If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. You only need yourself, nothing more.


Unfortunately for this workout no reservation is possible.

We also offer permanent tracks for you to be completed by yourself, there’s no booking required for all running tracks
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