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We believe in the power of accessing our fullest potential by overcoming personal barriers.

RUNBASE Berlin was born out of the DNA of running and adidas.

It is holistically designed to enable your personal development in a multitude of areas:
Running, Nutrition, Knowledge, Gear and Physical Health.

This is a venue for exchange and growth, inspired by a collective passion for running, sports, and leading an active lifestyle.

You are here for a reason. Welcome.

Why Runbase?

Medical and physiotherapeutic services Expert guidance & treatments focusing on urban athletes including medical check-ups to prevent injuries and show fitness levels.

Workshops & special events by interesting running celebrities and experts to make sure we stay smart & happy.

LABKitchen best active food kitchen in town healthy and balanced meals, drinks & everything we need to survive the daily hustle.

lab kitchen

Daily workouts training schedule & special classes tailored to the needs of runners in 3 gyms with the finest coaching team around to practice your strength, endurance and agility.

Runs with different lengths and paces that are accompanied by a trainer as well as recommended running tracks to run on your own.

A adidas Private Running Store for running & training gear premium offering of adidas products & services including latest gear to be tested by you. Just step in and try.


Showers & locker rooms You forgot your towel or shower gel, we’ve got you covered

Running analysis You’re still searching for the perfect running shoe, we are happy to help

Filtered & vitalized water You sweated it all out & need to quench your thirst, we’ve got you covered

Awesome people You’re looking for likeminded individuals enjoying an active lifestyle, you’re in the right place


why runbase
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