Build up a strong base and strive to reach higher goals!
Exercising is my passion and running is an essential part of it. Field hockey and combat sport training taught me the importance of athletic training. Besides speed, strength and edurance you also need agility and mobility. I’m a convinced allrounder and always looking for evolution in the range of motion.
In all of my Freestyle and Mobility Workouts you will reach more stability, flexibility, an increase of power and an improvement of your start.
My motto: train versatile and take the whole benefit for your running, your skill set - for you personally.


Never stop the flow.

I offer different kind of workouts which include speed, coordination, stability and strength. Elements such as sprints, hurdles, stability and running techniques are important for a good base of fitness. Developing those elements first help to strengthen your deep core muscles which is essential for building strength and power.
HIT activates your mind to control and coordinate your body when agility, sensitiveness, correct execution and finesses are all brought together at the same time, it creates a flowing movement. I provide workouts with no rules, no set routines, just moving and feeling the spirit.


I train for life.

I love training as well as teaching others and I feel off their energy. My personal opinion is that you work(out) for yourself and not for others. An active and healthy lifestyle is very important. That is the reason why I’m interested in how you feel during my workouts. Daily exercise is necessary for a good work-life-balance. Runs and workouts help you to relax and calm down after a long day. Exercises are important for stress relief and it can help your state at work.


My passion: make people move. For real! A wrong performed workout isn’t better than no workout at all. As a medically approved personal trainer it is of great importance to me to train you from the inside to the outside and to find movement patterns which suit your specific body.
My workouts connect different elements from physiotherapy, yoga and athletic training. My speciality: running. I focus on the correct posture, building of your musculature as a whole and your mobility.
With my techniques you learn to use your energy efficiently throughout the run. That leads to an improvement of you capabilities and a decrease of the risk to injure yourself.
Come and try it out! I am looking forward to meet you.


Big steps through detailed work!
Over many years as a professional athlete and the close work with runners I managed to gain a great knowledge and much experience that came together in the specific workout.
Only the specific details will help you to become a better runner in total. They will help you to run further and faster in order to reach your goals healthy and safe.
The greatest development will always take place outside of your comfort zone. Let’s step out of it together and reach measurable improvements in speed and strength.


Step out of your comfort zone and break routines. Physical fitness is the base for your capability in all aspects of life. Because of my history of modern pentathlon I know not only endurance, speed and flexibilty but especially the spirit and testing my own limits are important factors. Not only as an athlete but also in daily life. To keep up the motivation to break your limits and routines - you will never miss fun during my trainings. My workouts are versatile, challenging and appropriate for all levels.
Sport doesn’t only mean to reach your goals but rather to have a good time and discover yourself through growing and trying new things every day. It’s not only muscles - the right mindset makes you strong!


You are stronger than you think! I bet I can make you do exercises you never thought you would be able to do. I bet I can make you hold exhausting exercises fo so long, you’ll be surprised by your own strength.
I know ways to get the best out of you and push you to top performances without losing fun - because fun is usually the driving force!
Sport is my life and I want to share my passion with others. You don’t have to lift heavy weights to get to the point where you want to be. Develop strength, endurance and tempo setting through bodyweight exercises, cardio drill, functional training and coordination exercises. Let’s do this!


Wanted: Everyday-Athletes!
In my trainings I want to work against one-sidedness of workouts. It’s all about the basics. That’s the reason I focus on classic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats and planks.
Bodyweight-workouts are the base for every good athlete. Through performance and intensity variations the body is challenged in different ways which leads to a constant development. This way you can reach new strength and endurance without additional weights. I will show you how you can use the city as your playground for your training.
Team spirit is the best motivation. You will notice how the training in a group will playfully push you across your limits and how you can achieve much more than you thought.


I see the body as a whole when it comes to movement. In my workouts I follow the Functional Training where the work with your own bodyweight is central added by equipment like kettlebell or barbell. A HIT-Workout that is composited of different circle stations with rotating phases of pressure and relief. The focus lies on the core and the explosive force.
In every workout all bodyparts and muscles will be challenged in order to improve the understanding of the body as a whole in its movements.


I was born in Berlin and love to travel around the world.
On my journeys I gain various experiences of becoming a Jivamukti Yoga teacher.
Since 2010 I teach regular at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin. In addition I give Jivamukti Yoga retreats and workshops worldwide.


I’m a sports graduate, professional breakdancer since ten years, multiple German champion and a member of the Flying Steps! My creativity is limitless when it comes to powermoves. I see it as my personal task to inspire other with new and individual movements and motivate them with the methods I use in my workouts and which I developed myself.


Muscles need flexibility.

During my coaching I do not focus on one particular aspect. For me sport and exercise are not only pure muscles. It is a combination of physical and mental elements.
In a balanced workout I combine strength with speed, balance, endurance and mobility.
I aim to support everyone in their own individual goal. I focus on stretching, connective issue which helps and therefore you gain better performance and relaxation at the same time.


ALL LEVELS - Expect an intense yet balanced class, that will leave you sweaty and happy!

Suited for the exceptional fitness needs of runners but useful and enriching for anyone who wants to train their physical fitness and flexibility along with improving focus, concentration, coordination and mental resilience.

ALL LEVELS means, I will be mediating the basics of Yoga in every class but also proceed to advanced poses like arm balances, for example - for one thing we will work towards these poses step by step, for another thing we will find variations that are easy to approach - so it is up to you, to decide how far you would like to go at every training. Each class is topped off with strength exercises, breathing awareness and short meditation units.

By the way: with me you won´t need any props such as blocks or straps. It is my goal to help everyone in discovering their own personal Yoga - also meaning: practicing in the awarness that Yoga is for everybody (literally: every body). Activating your intuition and therefore healthy body awareness. If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. You only need yourself, nothing more.


Coming from a competitive running background in my youth I joined Obstacle Course Racing in 2015. A sport which combines the elements of running and physical strength in a cross country environment.
As well as physical fitness is mental strength an essential part.
Motivation is a key factor and giving up no option! There is plenty of potential which can be activated in everyone of us. Let's start it!


For over 4 years, I give meditation and mindfulness training.
In Western countries people can barely switch off their mind and their brain is always trimmed to act. Therefore I have developed some techniques that take participants on a journey that allows them to find some ease. I focus on active and dynamic meditation techniques include South American heart-centered meditation techniques and various breathing techniques of Kundalini doctrine.


Focusing on the runner.
I am here to give my knowledge and experience as a long distance runner to anyone who wants to start running.
In my trainings I really take care of everyones individual needs.
We will run in every weather condition and have fun, while improving our fitness level.


I am a state-certified stage dancers, personal trainer and stunt performer. I am one of the first Breakletics coaches and a fixed part of the Breakletics Runbase Crew. In my training, I particularly focus on effective whole-body training, where fun and coordination are not neglected. This creates a mix in which we train the whole body on the beat and get a good sweat.

Minh- Thu

I am a professional dancer and have been dancing since I am 13 years old. I love to move to the music and even more I love to share it with others. It is important for me to have fun during the training session and to support you to increase your performance from one training session to the next. In my class the whole body is trained, you learn how to move rhythmically to the music and improve your coordination skills. You will notice how quickly success and development come when you execute the Breakletics movements. So come and sweat with me.

Angélique & Adrian

Adrian and Angelique have been teaching together since the spring of 2016 and each draw from years of dedicated movement training. Adrian began training Muay Thai in 2005 and Swing dance in 2010. Angelique has been studying modern and hiphop dance from a young age and discovered yoga some years ago during her travels in India. Together they are driven by their excitement to help people learn the extent of what mind and their body are capable of.


It’s about the journey. Every run counts.
I stumbled over running in a marathon bet when I was 19. The love for running has since then lead me to a couple more, the study of sports science and the desire to share my passion and knowledge with others.
No matter how short, long, fast, slow, every run has a purpose. One day you’re just putting one foot in front of each other to leave everything behind you - and the next you’re lying on your back after you smashed your 10k PR, covered in sweat, all energy drained and feel all the peace and pride of the world flow through you.
Enjoy the process. Every run counts.



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